I had a problem with storage in this tiny converted sunroom office. I knew I needed shelving but I also needed a desk space… I found the perfect solution on Pinterest. I decided why not try it for this space…


I went to my local hardware store, and got the adjustable shelf tracks in the closet organization aisle. Mine were ClosetMaid Brand like the ones HERE. I just got the white ones (they also come in black and silver). I measured the wall and knew how many I needed. You will also have to “map out” your shelving unit to know how many brackets LIKE THESE to purchase. (I actually bought a few extra to have around incase I felt like changing mine up from time to time).

Once I got them home I pre-measured the width of my wall and made sure the hight for all were level with the floor. This took a little brain work because I am not that great at math and numbers and straight things. And because NOT ONE hole fell on a stud, I made sure to use sheet rock screws to hold the weight of it all.



I lightly sprayed the tracks and brackets with Rust-oleum spray primer for metal. Once it was dry, I then did 2 coats of this pure gold metallic spray paint.



Clearly my set up wasn’t science… if you don’t know enough about me by now, you should know when I have an idea I am a “jump in and make it happen, lets think about logistics and all that dumb stuff later” kinda gal… sometimes that works for me….sometimes not so much! 😉


Then I put it all up and measured the 1′ x 4’s **I opted to use real wood instead of the pre-made plastic-y looking precut ones they have available with the units. You can ask the hardware store to cut them for you. mine were measured in 2″ foot and 4″ foot sections. (because my spans were 2″ foot)


This is the most “brown” stain I quickly found browsing the stain aisle (because very little of this was thought out for this), I got an old sock…don’t judge me…and ran the stain over the cut boards, let it dry and put them up. I also only did one coat because, well I was super anxious to get it done and that is just how I do things. I didn’t secure them to the brackets, that again would have taken more time and yah…we have gone over this already! I felt the weight of the wood was fine. **the bottom shelf is wider 1′ x 4″ because I needed it to fit my computer (keep in mind those brackets need to be the longer ones as well).


there you have it. I made this entire unit for under $200 and in less than 2 hours. Any questions? If I can do it…with one hand while drinking my wine…anyone can do it…so go…build you a desk people!



drill and bit to pretrial sheetrock screw holes.

hammer to get those plastic sheetrock screw things in.

Phillips head screwdriver to put said screws into said plastic things in said holes.

sock or rag for stain.

*wine is optional but highly recommended.


shelf tracks (I used 4)

9′ brackets (my unit layout used 14)

18′ brackets (I used 3)

1′ x 2″ boards (I used 4)

1′ x 4″ boards (2 were used here)

1′ x 2″ x 4″ piece of wood (I think that is how you say it…the bottom piece of wood for my “desktop”) *I found this piece in a precut section of HomeDepot it was actually Birch wood but stained still matched the pine shelves.

stain of your choice.

spray primer.

spray paint.

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how is it we let something as simple as a word hit like a fist… like taking the hardest blow to your gut that just rolls so easily off someone else’s tongue like breathing air. without a thought. leaving you destroyed. a piece of  you that will never be the same.

those words take something from you that you can not explain. but you feel it. it is gone. you don’t allow those words to have the power they do, but somehow they just find their way into your soul. ripping you to shreds. leaving you questioning what are your truths and what are the lies they are hurdling at you.

so many people ask why you don’t stand up for yourself, why you don’t walk away… it isn’t something I have the answer to. I wish I knew. honestly even when you KNOW they are lies, there’s still the tiny part of those words that take up a piece of you and reside in your inner being without you even knowing it. you fight it. you know without a doubt they should hold no value on you. but still…they are weighted. and they are heavy.

how do you get out from under the hold these words have…that is what I am working on figuring out. I know I am more than what has been put on me. I know am better, stronger and offer the world so much more without the labels I have been assigned by someone else. I just have to find that girl. the girl who once believed in herself.


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I have so much to say… and yet whole lot of nothing at the same time. I am in a weird place in this journey we call life. I am excited for the potential the future holds, sick over regrets from the past and numb to the right now. As I approach an upcoming birthday, a big one… I feel the pressures of the “why’s, what if’s, what should have been’s”. Is this the life I truly set out to live, if it isn’t and lets face it, it’s not… then what can I change to live the life I seek.

But what is that life? How is it you know you want more but if asked to pin point what that “more” is… you can’t put words to it. Maybe it is my personality type (I have been doing a lot of research on that because at almost 40 I decided now is the time to discover who I am because knowing this vital information wouldn’t have at all been useful in my 20s or 30s *eye roll*), maybe it is because my kids are at an age where I am realizing they aren’t the definition of who I am anymore. Hell I don’t know what it is and to sit here a guess would just keep my mind fogged…

Truth is, I am yearning for more. More what, I am not sure yet. But what I do know is not one more day should pass me by without my actively working towards discovering that “more”. I am not saying I am unhappy or that I am not in love with the life I have, those are all very far from the truths. There is just something…missing. Changes that need to happen…

I am not sure what that truly looks like…or feels like….but I invite you to become a part of this journey with me. I can’t say what the future holds. But what I do know, I will be real. I will be raw. I will be honest. I will share with you my day to day…the good and the bad. The pretty and the not so pretty of life. I will become exposed. It is a shift I am not comfortable with. If you followed me for any time on my Instagram you know for a while I was very open and very raw, I caught some slack from that from a few people who weren’t comfortable reading and seeing truths so I repressed. Something I have been doing more often than not lately, repressing…to make others feel more comfortable in their fake and social media worlds… but that is not me. Somehow along the way it seems I have gotten comfortable in my repressed world. I feel like I am busing at the seems to scream my TRUTHS… so join me as I navigate through this brain, heart and soul of mine in a quest for self discovery.

  • Candy - I’ve only in the past year been more actively following people on IG so I missed the raw, but as a girl who just hit that big 4-0 milestone on Wednesday, I say bring. It. On. I have been feeling/facing your same truth and while I continually hear all the positives around me, my soul is twirling about. I’m here for it- cheers to next 10 years!!!ReplyCancel

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it is time.

time to announce my one and ONLY solo workshop this year!

I HATE calling it a workshop because it truly is so much more than that.

this artful chaos will be a little different than last year. last year I said it was “senior inspired/focused” but in the end what I realized was we pretty much covered everything, no specific niche. bottom line, what we do at an Artful Chaos weekend is more so discovering YOU. Friday evenings we all meet up and have a chance to visit and get to know one another. we have dinner together at our home for the weekend (when I say “home” I mean… “ARE you kidding me we are staying HERE”), when dinner is done, we get our jimmies on and open the wine! we will sit around a camp fire and get into a few prompted discussions where I am working hard to peel through your layers and get back to the WHY. I want to know why you are here. we dive into each of your creative souls and really focus on how you see and feel your way through the world and everyday life…once we discover who you are as a creative, we can best navigate you through what you are doing as a photographer. Friday night is full of deep thoughts and conversation and lots of laughs.

Saturday we take our time visiting over coffee and get dressed for the day…starting it off with headshots so you can SEE and FEEL what it is like to be on the other side of my shooting…then we spend a full day dealing with the “business” part of your journey. we unearth the WHY behind your motivation (or lack thereof). Whats that saying?? “whats a goal without a plan…simply a WISH” we are NOT here to wish ourselves success…we are here to put a PLAN in place and get you going on the right path. we will do things like sit together and work through a year marketing schedule, we will work on welcome emails or website wording, pricing, etc…we will have several open discussion opportunities as well. my main goal for Saturday is to put processes into your workflow that help you lessen the burden of “work” when you get back home. you will get a TON of info…but if I send you home completely overwhelmed…what good does that do? so we spend the day discussing and IMPLEMENTING what we work through. then like a REAL workshop should be… we are back to the wine and relaxation part! 😉

Sunday we go into Austin to explore a little of “classic ATX”, grab a coffee, stroll the streets, shop, visit and enjoy the morning with candid open talk before we meet up with our models and spend the evening shooting and portfolio building. we will work on posing, directing, communicating, finding light and adding movement and EMOTION to your images, etc.

This year will be a little different simply because of our AMAZING location!! This place is a highly sought after “glamping” experience that up until now… with a little begging and pleading of myself…no photography has been allowed at. BUT we get to not only stay there, but we also get to shoot amongst the yurts, vintage airstreams, and spartan. SO we will be doing headshot and shooting our models on location!!! THINK FREE PEOPLE & ANTHROPOLOGIE come to life through our lens!!

**MODELS will be chosen upon request…what does that mean? it means if you want to shoot a senior, we get seniors…if you want to work on family posing… we bring in a family! this workshop is about YOU!! I will talk with each person who signs up and hear your heart before I finalize the details because I want to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want out of this weekend with a “Spanki twist”


I hope you join me in AUSTIN!!!

May 19-21 / Austin, TX

I am in!

*Dinner Friday & light breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday included.

*Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, if you can not attend you may sell your seat…there is typically a waiting list to this workshop.


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