workshops you say?

Well, why this surprised me I have no clue, but it seems like someone has opened the flood gate and all of a sudden my inbox is drowning in local workshop requests. I am not real sure why I have never really thought to host any aside from the Austin workshop… but here we go…

let the planning begin.

So here is what I am thinking and I REALLY need you to weigh in on the topic since this is for YOU. But some of you have said you’d like a workshop ASAP before the TX heat subsides and clients really start rolling in…others of you have said after the holidays would be better, once the season slows down a little and you can come up for air and have a pocket full of holiday session cash burning a hole in your pocket…because that is how it really is right? I am not sure about you but I never seem to have extra money laying around.

Any whooo. Let’s stay focused and chat about what would work best…


Before the holidays, like quick fast and in a hurry a workshop HERE… in my OWN HOME. Why not? kind of like a slumber party of sorts. I mean if you don’t mind the luxury of sleeping in bunk beds, what is mine is yours!  😉  I am about an hour and a half North of Houston and about 2.5 hours south of Dallas so if you need a workshop soon… this is a happy medium sort of!

Montgomery, TX: October 26/27th

Houston/Galveston area: January 25/26th  (location TBA) 

Dallas area: February 8/9th

**If you just want the SHOOTOUT and not the workshop, you can do that too, but because I like to try keeping it a one on one shooting ratio (or at least close) I will need you to reserve your seat to that as well so I have a headcount for models to get.

HERE is more info on workshop pricing and how it all goes down. $400 holds your seat!! (seats can be re-sold but not refunded)

Email me if you are ready to hold your seat. I am opening them up NOW since there seems to be so much interest. Hope to see you there!!! —-> info [at] spankimills [dot] com SUBJECT: city you are wanting to attend.

PS. If you are NOT from TEXAS, check out my next few out of state workshops…we have room for YOU!

  • Kim Pham - So if we wanted to just go to the shoot out, we pay on the day of or through PayPal or whatever first?ReplyCancel

    • spankimills - Kim, thanks for reminding me to add that info in! Yes, I will need you to reserve your spot for that as well because I try to get one model for every photog there and I like providing the types of models you want to shoot (couples, seniors, bridal, children, etc) so I will need a headcount prior to getting the models set up! :)ReplyCancel

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