how is it we let something as simple as a word hit like a fist… like taking the hardest blow to your gut that just rolls so easily off someone else’s tongue like breathing air. without a thought. leaving you destroyed. a piece of  you that will never be the same.

those words take something from you that you can not explain. but you feel it. it is gone. you don’t allow those words to have the power they do, but somehow they just find their way into your soul. ripping you to shreds. leaving you questioning what are your truths and what are the lies they are hurdling at you.

so many people ask why you don’t stand up for yourself, why you don’t walk away… it isn’t something I have the answer to. I wish I knew. honestly even when you KNOW they are lies, there’s still the tiny part of those words that take up a piece of you and reside in your inner being without you even knowing it. you fight it. you know without a doubt they should hold no value on you. but still…they are weighted. and they are heavy.

how do you get out from under the hold these words have…that is what I am working on figuring out. I know I am more than what has been put on me. I know am better, stronger and offer the world so much more without the labels I have been assigned by someone else. I just have to find that girl. the girl who once believed in herself.


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